Yoohome Yoga Towel Diamond Shape New Design Non-Slip Microfiber Ultralight Ultrathin Soft-Perfect Absorb Sweat

Yoohome Yoga Towel Diamond Shape New Design Non-Slip Microfiber Ultralight Ultrathin Soft-Perfect Absorb Sweat
Yoohome Yoga Towel Diamond Shape New Design Non-Slip Microfiber Ultralight Ultrathin Soft-Perfect Absorb Sweat

  • Skidless and strong grip. Unique diamond shape design double anti-slip. Microfiber, ultra soft, absorbent and fast-dry. Keep your sweaty hands and feet dry during yoga moves all the time with Yoohome Yoga Towel.
  • Beautiful, vivid color patterns will pop out from the crowds. Water based print inks will never fade. Never have to worry about getting bored with your monotonic yoga mat.
  • Add a protective layer between you and your mat. The hot yoga towel can protect your skin from the harm of bacteria on a sweaty yoga mat, and also protect the yoga mat to extend its lifespan.
  • Easy to clean. Washable with wash machine and tumble dry on low or simply hang dry.
  • Ultralight Ultrathin &Extra Large Towel Size: 72″ (183cm) long X 25″ (63cm) wide with only 0.78lb (0.45kg). It is very convenient to carry,and even can be used as a beach towel and shower towel.

WHY do you need a yoga towel?
Now almost every gym provides public yoga mats. This seems like a very convenient move, but how many sweat and scurf remained on the mats after all the people practicing with their hands and feet on the mat. It’s really not healthy. Also, the body when practicing yoga will discharge a lot of sweat, and drip in the yoga mat, lead to uncomfortable feeling, at this time if you use this superabsorbent spread towels in yoga mat to absorb sweat, it will give you a great yoga experience.
The materials are not included in the products of cotton, which have the function of antibacterial, so prevent some of the facial movements are close to the yoga mat and inhaled bacteria or dust mites. On the back, it has anti-slip micelle, which can be used to fix the towel on the mat without slipping, effectively assisting the stretching and balance of the yoga movement, and improving the safety and comfort of sports. The concave and convex of the colloidal particles in the process of motion have a good massage function on the foot and back, and also promote blood circulation. It can be combined with the movement of yoga movement to make your body and mind relax. It is easy to carry and safe and hygienic.

Alfamo Cooling Towel for Sports, Workout, Fitness, Gym, Yoga, Pilates, Travel, Camping & More
Alfamo Cooling Towel for Sports, Workout, Fitness, Gym, Yoga, Pilates, Travel, Camping & More

  • EXTRA LONG & MULTIPURPOSE SPORTS TOWEL, 40″ long by 12″ wide. It is easy to tie if you will be moving around a lot. Works like a charm as golf club head cover, cooling bandana or neck wrap. Longer inches make the towel perfect for athletes, runners, sports fans into workout, gym and fitness, females suffering with side effects of heat stress, hot flashes; patients who need cold therapy after operations, surgeries; gardeners doing yard work, mowing the lawn and workers working out in summer heat
  • CHILLS INSTANTLY, Hyper-evaporative breathable mesh material makes it easy to activate the chilling towel when you simply soak, wring out and snap it. Re-wet to reactivate it. Unlike PVA material that drys to cardboard, it is silky soft, pliable, easily folds up & fits into a gym bag. The towel stays chilled for up to 3 hours and it reduces body temperature up to 30 degrees. The soaked fabric is pleasant to touch, rather than annoyingly dripping wet. It also provides UPF 50 sunscreen protection
  • HOW IT WORKS? The super absorbent fiber weave technology of the mesh towel regulates the water inside and ensures water retention, so it’s treating it kind of like an air-conditioner, and within seconds you get cold. Like sweat on you skin, when water evaporates it cools. Any ole cotton or microfiber towel would work, but not as well design to maximize evaporative cooling or comfort. If you are sweating a lot, rinse the ‘salty water’ out from time to time. Salt reduces evaporation/cooling rate
  • BONUS CARRYING POUCH WITH CARABINER CLIP, With the waterproof plastic case, it’s easy to carry the chilly towel on a rock climb, golf trip, corssfit training, etc. The reusable pouch is friendly to earth and saves more space than a bottle. The storage case comes with carabiner clips of vibrant colors that match the towel, making it a great gift for all ages. The clip makes it convenient to attach the cooling towel to the belt of sports bag, camping hammock and traveling backpack
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! This will be your best cooling towel ever. Amazon’s guarantee is great, but ours is even better! We are so confident that you will love Alfamo Cooling Towels that we have a “Lifetime Money Back Guarantee”. If at any time you aren’t completely happy with your purchase, just let us know and we will refund you in full. Even if its 6 months from now! Enjoy our limited time offer sale right now! What are you waiting for, Click the ADD TO CART Button now

Alfamo cooling towels are different from traditional towels. They are easy to clean and wash and due to the superior material with the feature of cooling your body quickly. It is a best choice for sports fans and outdoor workers. The super absorbent Alfamo cooling towel provides cooling effect through the evaporation of absorbed water to keep you comfortable up to several hours. This new technology will give a new experience for your gym sessions and hot summer time.

Highlights of the Alfamo cooling towel:
FOUR SIZES & MULTIPLE COLORS TO CHOOSE, We listen to our customers and provide what you want.
SUPER SOFT, it is different from most of the old style cooling towels that are crunchy hard when dry. Alfamo cooling towel is always soft both wet and dry.
ABSORBENT AND BREATHABLE, the special mesh fabric retains enough water that is required for the cooling effect. And it is breathable comfortable to skin.
SIMPLY SNAP IT THREE TIMES, it cools, up to 30 degree below body temperature and it lasts for up to 3 hours until the next rehydration if not under direct sun.
HIGH QUALITY EDGE STITCHING, towel edge is improved to avoid any possible sloppy threads.
FIRST COOLING TOWEL WITH WATERPROOF CASE, The towel comes in water resistant plastic case, with D shape carabiner, easy for storage when you go climbing, cycling or hiking.
ALSO GREAT FOR CELLPHONE STORAGE, Though the case is not 100% water proof, it is water resistant enough, great for mobile phones storage as well.

Four Sizes:
Small: 33*11inches
Regular: 40*12inches
Large: 47*14inches
Body: 60*29inches

Package Contains: 1*Cooling Towel 1*Waterproof Carrying Case and 1*Carabiner

Take advantage of our Lifetime Hassle Free, No Questions Asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Hurry because supplies will run out!

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