Yoga – That’s For Women, Isn’t It?

One of the enduring stupidities of our time is the fact that people assume because a type of exercise is refined and not high-impact, it must be a form of exercise that is exclusively (or almost exclusively) for women. The fact is that as far as yoga is concerned, this really could not be further from the truth. In actuality, yoga is an exercise regime that suits everyone, and can be massively beneficial for men. Even the muscle men who enjoy lifting weights can benefit from doing yoga, so it really does not make sense to decry it as “just for women”.

If you look through some of the available literature, you will in fact note that large swathes of it are written by men who are influential teachers of the principles and the exercises of yoga. This should come as no surprise – there was a time not so long ago when you actually had to be male to be permitted to do yoga. So it would make no sense for anyone to assume that yoga was for women. Anyone can do it, unless they are so concerned with what people think that it puts them off.

Remember, people may think that you need to be flexible to practice yoga, but it doesn’t actually work that way. In actual fact, yoga improves your flexibility in a way that will give you a whole new lease of life. So in truth, although men are famously less flexible than women, a few classes of yoga will get you into much better shape in general.


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