How Yoga Can Help With Your Back Pain

It may seem like an insane suggestion, given the poses that some of the experts manage to find themselves in, but if you suffer from back pain you may find that the answer to your problems lies in yoga. One caveat to this is that you should always speak to your doctor before signing up for classes – yoga can be great for back pain, but there are some injuries and conditions that it may aggravate. Ask your doctor whether you can do basic yoga and to give you some advice on how far you can go.

After you have spoken to your doctor, you should go to a qualified yoga teacher and sign up. It is essential that you do not try to teach yourself – there is a reason that you need to be qualified to teach yoga, and if you ignore the facts it can end up with you aggravating your back pain. A trained teacher will be able to work within your limitations, showing you how you can exercise to first avoid, and then potentially even reduce your pain.

The reason that yoga can be so beneficial for sufferers of back pain is that there is often a discrepancy between the strength of your back muscles and their flexibility. This causes muscle tension, which can be reduced by the correct yoga exercises. Remember, yoga exercises help to improve your core strength and flexibility, achieving the balance that makes everything else so much easier. For long-term sufferers of back pain, yoga has proven to be a lifeline, allowing them to get on with their lives when they had thought they’d be stuck with the pain forever.


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