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Do You Need To Be Flexible To Try Yoga?

What do picture when you think of yoga? While some may have different ideas of what exactly yoga entails, most have a very familiar reaction to the concept of this ancient discipline. At the mere sound of the word, we picture a person (or, to use a better word, virtually a contortionist) wrapped in to some seemingly impossible pose. We see legs behind ears, backs twisted in to almost incomprehensible shapes and poses. It all looks positively […]

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At-Home Yoga Videos: Useful, or A Problem?

If the decade best known as the Noughties brought us anything en masse, it was the celebrity fitness video. Every January – of course, perfectly timed to coincide with the January weight loss boom that occurs when people make New Year’s resolutions – celebrities would release fitness DVDs, showing off their own lesser figures and encouraging us to follow their example. Yoga did not escape this trend; with celebrities like Geri Halliwell going as far as doing […]

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How To Find A Yoga Class Near You

You’ve made the choice: yoga is for you, it’s something you want to try and you want to find somewhere to start your learning. Congratulations, you’re at the start of a much-vaulted and much-celebrated road which may well lead to physical fitness as well as an inner calm. Now all you need to do is find a local yoga class. Your first port of call should be the local gymnasiums. Although yoga is not only offered at […]

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